CORE Kite Pump 2.0


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Core Kite Pump 2.0, now available at Infinity Sport!

The Core Pump 2.0 has undergone a complete transformation! This sleek, black pump boasts an extended barrel, ergonomic handle grips, a thicker hose, and a redesigned base. However, its most ground-breaking innovation lies within. We’ve virtually eliminated internal pump friction, and our cutting-edge “Sand Guard” air filter ensures your kite remains protected from sand particles. Even though Core kites don’t require an adapter, we’ve thoughtfully included one for those who use “other” kites.

Key Features:

  1. Revolutionary materials, seals, and piston coatings for a frictionless pumping experience.
  2. Enlarged hose outlet for improved airflow and reduced pump strain.
  3. Equipped with the Sand Guard, a foam air inlet filter integrated into the handle.
  4. Easily switch between single and double stroke inflation.
  5. Digital pressure gauge for precise calibration.
  6. Extended barrel and longer stroke for increased air volume.
  7. Designed with ergonomic grips for comfort.
  8. Includes a heavy-duty pump tether with a convenient hook.

Come and check out the new Core Kite Pump 2.0 at Infinity Sport today!

Infinity Sport Kitesurfing is authorised UK dealer for Core Kiteboarding.

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