On-the-Fly Rocker Adjustment for CORE Twintips.

Versatility of two boards in one.

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Introducing the Revolutionary CORE CARVED REVO Grab Handle.

By adjusting board rocker to match your current riding conditions, this handle revolutionizes your kiteboarding experience.

This innovative Twintip handle is both user-friendly and highly effective.

Experience Upwind Dominance with a Quick Twist
A simple turn of the handle activates REVO, reducing rocker by 15mm and flattening the twintip, resulting in increased planing and enhanced upwind performance.

On-the-Fly Rocker Adjustment
When engaged, REVO extends rail contact with the water, improving upwind tracking. Once you’ve reached your desired upwind position, untwist REVO to restore your Imperator’s original rocker. The board returns to its original characteristics with reduced Grip & provides the versatility of two boards in one.

Optimized for Maximum Performance
The latest Imperator, CORE’s Fusion 5 & Fusion 6 and Choice 5 are optimized for REVO, it will be compatible with all CORE Twintips. REVO performs best on boards with stronger rockers between the pads, such as the Imperator and Fusion, delivering significant performance enhancements from your very first session. Prepare for a game-changing experience that will make traditional grab handles a thing of the past.


  • For CARVED twintips: grab handle and metric stainless steel mounting screws (TORX M6x20)
  • For CORE twintips: grab handle and metric stainless steel mounting screws (Phillips M6x18)

Included in delivery:

  • Revolutionary Grab Handle
  • Metric stainless steel mounting screws (TORX M6x20 for CARVED, Phillips M6x18 for CORE)

Grab your CORE CARVED REVO Grab Handle today and upgrade your board for your next Kitesurfing Session.

Infinity Sport Kitesurfing is authorized UK dealer for Core Kiteboarding.

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