Surflogic Wetsuit Clean & Dry-System bag


Dry & clean your wetsuit while transporting it home.

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Introducing the Surflogic Wetsuit Clean & Dry-System Bag, a revolutionary solution to dry & clean your wetsuit while transporting it home.

Featuring innovative features such as a water filtering mesh, water deposit, and valve for water evacuation, this bag ensures your wetsuit remains in top condition.

Here are the key features:

  • 100% waterproof bag with a reliable roll-top closure
  • Crafted from lightweight, high-quality PVC for easy portability
  • High-frequency welded construction for enhanced durability
  • Water filtering mesh to clean your wetsuit during transport
  • Water deposit collects excess water
  • Valve allows easy evacuation of water
  • Size: 50 x 75 cm / 19.68” x 29.52”
  • Spacious 30L capacity to accommodate your wetsuit and accessories

Trust the Surflogic Wetsuit Clean & Dry-System Bag to bring your wet wetsuit safely back home and make transportation a breeze.

Available now at Infinity Sport Shop, your authorized Surflogic dealer.


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