Self launch Kite Strap


This is essential part of your kitesurfing equipment. Stay safe wherever you go with Self launch strap available at Infinity Sport Kitesurfing.



Self launch Kite Strap

Introducing the Solo Strap ‘Only One,’ the newest product of our advanced kite anchor strap. This updated version includes a supplementary, shorter safety leash attachment to keep you safe.

This product is especially recommended for individuals whos going to self-launching and self-landing. It proves beneficial during breaks or in competition areas where having several kites ready for quick change-outs.

Self launch Kite Strap Specifications:

  • Weight: 207g
  • Warranty: We offer a straightforward warranty policy.
  • Should you encounter any issues due to launching or landing your kite, we’ll promptly replace the item at no additional cost.

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