Reedin SuperNatural Wing


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Reedin SuperNatural Wing

Allrounder / Waves / Big Air


2.5m | 3.0m | 3.8m | 4.5m | 5.2m


To achieve this, we’ve enhanced our special Triple layer LE construction. You’ll feel the impressive rigidity right away, especially during those initial pumps.

For the profile, we’ve used our fresh and unique 100% vertical seams. This setup ensures that the vertical seams extend all the way to the very front of the wing, preventing any crosswise strain. The result is a much sturdier canopy. This stiffness make it very responsive and well controlled wing.

The Reedin SuperNatural Wing taut canopy across the wing yields a direct response and minimise flutter when let out or gliding freely. That ensur unseen stability, so you can focus entirely on your ride.

The new oval section rigid handles offer exceptional control over your wing, elevating your maneuvers from initial tacks to mid-air rotations.

The main goals focused around efficiency, stability, power, natural positive lift, and forward drive. We achieved this through a distinct Arc shape, a rigid frame for immediate response. A unique profile for natural lift, and a wing that naturally expands outward, allowing it to swiftly propel forward.

Reedin SuperNatural Wing

  • Ergonomic rigid oval handles
  • Wide windows
  • Triple layer leading edge
  • Vertical seams
  • Tensioned canopy

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2.5m, 3.0m, 3.8m, 4.5m, 5.2m


Blue, Black




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