Reedin SuperNatural SSD Wing


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Reedin SuperNatural SSD Wing

Light Wind / Freeride

Sizes  6.0m | 7.2m | 8.2m

Reedin SuperNatural SSD Wing boasts a shorter wingspan achieved by extending the strut length and introducing side struts. This create more box like shape in the wingtips. This configuration is particularly well suited for breezy conditions, making it perfect for light wind performance!

To enhance user friendliness, we’ve increased the dihedral (arc) angle, preventing the wingtips from skimming the water. Teamed with our new rigid handles, these expansive wings are incredibly easy to manage, thriving as powerhouses in gentle breezes.

But that’s not all! We understand that light breezes can swiftly escalate. Therefore, we’ve meticulously fine tuned the canopy and profile to ensure exceptional control even in higher winds. This means you can seamlessly continue your ride without fretting about switching wings,  Enjoying your ride to the fullest.


  • Arc angle

Each size SuperNatural and SuperNatural SSD has a specifically tuned for an optimum projected wingspan. An increased dihedral also helps keeping the wingtips out of the water and improves ease of use on larger sizes

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6.0m, 7.2m, 8.2m


Blue, Black




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