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Reedin SuperModel HTF V4


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Reedin SuperModel HTF V4

SUPERMODEL excels in every discipline. With consistent power through turns and precise control, it’s the easiest and most intuitive do-it-all kite in the skies.Any discipline, all conditions:


NEW: Hybrid Torsion Frame

Meet the SuperModel kite, a true game-changer in kiteboarding. With DP dacron in the Leading Edge center, stiffness and rigidity are maximized, while the Torsion Zone’s FlexLite dacron allows for fast and effortless turns. Flex Tips offer precise steering and control, while new Flex Struts deliver instant response to bar-input. Versatile and user-friendly, the SuperModel is the ultimate do-it-all kite, offering unmatched performance on the market.


Arc Stiffener + WingTip tensioner Leading Edge seam.
Quality in the center while also adding vertical tension in the
WingTip. This design allows a small LE diameter for a kite that
flies, faster, reacts quicker to bar input and points further

CNC sewing In order to ensure the best quality possible, a
lot of pieces on the kite are stitched using CNC sewing

Super segmented Wingtip Provides the smoothest turning
engagement of any kite for maximum efficiency of your
steering power. Giving you extremely precise, fast, yet
intuitive turning.

High Density Triple Rip Stop Canopy Made by Teijin The
high density of Yarn per square meter makes this canopy one
of the stiffest and strongest on the market for the most
reactive and best performing kite.

Super stiff bridles. Using pure dyneema lines weaved at low
angle and pre-stretched to the highest standard for virtually
no stretch over time: this translates into a kite that reacts
quicker to bar input and that will keep its characteristics over





Black, Blue, Green


4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 16


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