ION Sonar Harness 2023


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ION Sonar Harness 2023

The Sonar is performance-oriented and especially tailored towards the needs of foiling/race-foiling. Characteristically, it features a low profile which generates a low center of load transmission.

The partly Curv construction improves force distribution and back support.

Ergonomic leg straps, inspired by the technology of climbing harnesses, allow for freedom of movement without pressure points.

ION’s sleek and lightweight Spectre Bar (including kite hook) amps up the direct feeling even further.

To prevent the spreader bar from riding up, it comes with the Downforce_Loop. Helps to keep the low hook position. Including Kite_Knife Multitool 2.0 and HPL_Slider.

  • Light weight
  • comfortable
  • improved force distribution and back support.

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