ION Neo Zip Top 1.5 Women 2023


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ION Neo Zip Top 1.5 Women 2023 

Product Features:

The Neo Zip Top 1.5 for women distinguishes itself with a more sophisticated and technical design compared to standard rashguards.

It offers complete 100% UV protection, efficient heat retention, and a reduction in the discomfort and bruising often caused by harnesses or surfboards. The flexible outer lining ensures you’ll hardly notice you’re wearing a top, thanks to its exceptional stretch properties. On the inside, the Silk_Stuff lining maximizes next-to-skin comfort. Fused edges enhance the durability of this technical long-sleeve top, making it ready for numerous kitesurfing sessions.

Key Features of the ION Neo Zip Top:

  1. Slip_Loop: Seamlessly connect your neoprene top to your bottom using this loop, ensuring everything stays securely in place.
  2. Sunglasses_Loop: A small webbing loop located on the neck of wetsuits and tops, designed for attaching the safety line of watersport sunglasses.


  • 80% Neoprene
  • 20% Nylon

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