ION Ball Slapper Shorts Men


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ION Ball Slapper Shorts Men – The Neo Pants offer versatile protection for various water sports activities including kitesurfing. They excel in warmer waters, shielding your skin from the sun and wind. Moreover, they function superbly as a second warming layer beneath your wetsuit. For added protection, the ION Ball Slapper shorts were designed to safeguard a man’s most delicate areas during intense wipeouts.

Key Features

  1. Crotch Protection: These pants come with an easily removable panel that provides essential protection.
  2. Draw Cord (in hem): The integrated draw cord in the hem allows you to adjust the fit according to your comfort and preference, ensuring a secure and snug fit.


The ION Ball Slapper Shorts comprise a blend of 80% nylon and 20% elastane. This combination not only offers exceptional durability but also provides the flexibility needed for unrestricted movement during your water activities.

Whether you’re seeking sun and wind protection in warmer waters or an extra warming layer under your wetsuit, the Neo Pants have you covered. Add the ION Ball Slapper shorts to your gear and enjoy enhanced comfort and safety during your aquatic escapades.

Available at Infinity Sport Shop, your authorized ION dealer.

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