Harlem Custom Force Kite


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Harlem Custom Force Kite

  • Freeride
  • Big Air

The discovery yielded blueprints for two ground breaking techniques: PROWELD and Digital Printing. Leveraging these, we birthed a kite of unparalleled prowess – remarkably light yet exceptionally robust, setting a new benchmark in performance.


Diverging from traditional sewing and stitching methods, The Force redefines kite construction. By eliminating weaknesses and fortifying every welded part, it attains unparalleled strength and agility, allowing seamless mastery of the wind.

Our inflatable frame, welded instead of stitched, offers a 20% lighter structure and 30% increased torsional stiffness, ensuring precise control. The lightness enables early flight, swift ascension, and reduced wind resistance, propelling riders to new heights of excitement and performance. Utilizing a lighter, more rigid fabric enhances the kite’s responsiveness, granting unparalleled control over its maneuvers.

Harlem Custom Force Kite Digital Printing

Eschewing conventional screen printing, our embrace of Digital Printing yields the lightest kites with unparalleled control. This innovative process opens a realm of design possibilities, allowing for slick and personalized styles.  The verdict lies with you.

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6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12


Reef, Solar, Vortex


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