Foil Set D/Lab SLS


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Foil Set D/Lab SLS Carve 2.0

Experience the fusion of performance and versatility with our comprehensive foil system. Pairing our streamlined 82cm D/LAB mast with the versatile AL 3BS 66cm Fuselage and the exhilarating Aero Carve 2.0 SLS 850, this setup ensures an engaging and dynamic ride.

Perfect for mid-weight expert level wingers, kite enthusiasts, and prone foilers, this combination allows seamless integration with all SLS wings within our range, promising an adaptable and thrilling foiling experience.

Foil Set D/Lab SLS Carve 2.0  82/66-850/180

  • Front Wing 850
  • Stabilizer 180
  • Fuselage 66
  • Mast 82

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