Foil Set Aero Free SLS


Duotone Foil Sets and Duotone wings available at Infinity Sport Kitesurfing. Don’t forget to use your 5% discount on this purchase!!!

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Foil Set Aero Free SLS

Our Foil Set Aero Free SLS 1250 kit is designed to mid-weight and intermediate riders. Equipped with the sturdy 82cm Aero SLS carbon mast and the mid-length AL 3BS Fuselage. This set integrates our most sought-after foil components into one comprehensive package.

Tailored for proficient riders within the lighter to mid-weight range. Our Aero Free 1000 SLS set offers an exhilarating all-round performance. Whether you seek the thrill of playful freestyle, crave speed runs in flat waters, or yearn to glide through the surf, this set is for you.

Foil Set Aero Free SLS

  • Set 1000

Our well proven 1000 Free offers a great combination of speed, lift and glide, covering riders between 50-95kg. Equally at ease freeriding, freestyling or riding smaller waves with a wing, the Aero Free 1000 also crosses over to Prone Foiling and Windsurf Foiling very well.

  • Set 1250

Early take off, exciting speeds, good pump and glide. Also a great choice in smaller surf. Mid sized to heavier riders with advanced level will love the range of the 1250! This is definitely a very popular size in the Free range covering through all disciplines of Wing, Windsurf and Prone Foiling.

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82/66-1250/250, 82/60-1000/216




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