Eleveight Master S V4


Designed for lighter riders!

Available in 132 x 40. Includes 45mm G10 Fins.

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The Eleveight Master S V4 is tailored for lighter riders, offering freeride to freestyle performance.


  • Softer flex, enhanced comfort, and a narrower stance for agility
  • Optimized for comfort, exceptional pop, and high-impact resistance
  • Sustainable materials for a reduced ecological footprint
  • Equipped with 45mm G10 fins

DESIGN Vision:

Crafted to meet the needs of smaller or lighter riders, the Master S is specifically designed to boost mega loops and nail technical freestyle tricks.

Light Construction with Exceptional Pop:
We’ve fused superior design, top-notch materials, and innovative features into the Master S. Its 3-D dome deck and beveled rails enhance stability and edge release, allowing for higher pops and longer hang time during tricks.

Enhanced Grip and Control:
Additionally, innovative PRS rails and Multi-Stage Rocker ensure superior control in all conditions.

Refined Flex:
Moreover, the top carbon stringer optimizes flex and comfort without sacrificing performance.

New for V4:
With its new graphics, the Master S V4 highlights sustainability using plant-based materials such as sustainably sourced paulownia wood core and GreenPoxy bio-resin. Additionally, the absence of plastic packaging minimizes environmental harm, lowering its carbon footprint.

Who is it for?
The Master S is ideal for lighter riders seeking to push their limits. Additionally, optimized for power development, V4 is the perfect choice for executing tricks with finesse.

Master S V4 Key Changes:

  • New lighter Spread Tow Carbon (STF) for the carbon stringer
  • Sustainable sourced Paulownia wood core and plastic-free packaging
  • Greenpoxy, a bio-based epoxy resin derived from plant and vegetable origin
  • Updated graphics.

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