Eleveight Commander AG Pro V2


Custom-built for competitive riders aiming for high-level freestyle performance.

30mm fins included.

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The Eleveight Commander AG Pro V2 – Elevating Freestyle Kiteboarding Performance.

  • professional-grade performance

The Commander AG Pro V2 elevates freestyle capabilities. Specifically tailored for former World Champion Arthur Guillebert, this kiteboard is lightweight and aggressive, meeting the demands of competitive performance.

  • Ultra-Light Spread Tow Carbon

This model uses really light carbon on top and special stringers, making it lighter and more flexible. This helps a lot when doing fancy freestyle moves.

  • Exceptional Grip, Pop, and Landing Ease

To ensure smooth landings and superior grip, the AG Pro V2 boasts a multi-channel bottom design. Additionally, its rocker stages amplify pop and provide cushioning for seamless landings.

  • Hard Flex with Dynamic Power

Featuring Phenol Rails and laminated sidewalls, the AG Pro V2 offers increased stiffness and faster rebound, akin to elite racing skis. This design ensures dynamic power for unparalleled performance.

  • New Features in V2

Version two gets better in a few ways. It has lighter carbon material, extra protection in areas that get hit a lot, and improved carbon supports. Plus, it’s tougher on the bottom because of stronger glass. Also, it looks different with new designs, and it’s better for the environment by using eco-friendly materials like GreenPoxy bio-resin, which makes it last longer and reduces harm to nature.

The Eleveight Commander AG Pro V2 is available now at Infinity Sport your authorized Eleveight Dealer!

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