Duotone Sky Style SLS


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Duotone Sky Style SLS Board


Renowned for its exceptional combination of take-off, landing prowess, and surf playfulness. The Sky Style range is a go-to choice for enthusiastic wingers looking to elevate their skills. It’s more than just a board, it’s a tool for refining your personal style and technique.

The Sky Style is a popular design, which has been further enhanced by our expert design team. Introducing new features and an additional size, the new Sky Style SLS offers an expanded range.

This design element not only contributes to exceptional balance but also amplifies the enjoyment factor. It’s good choice whether you’re gliding over flatwater or challenging surf conditions. The elevated nose not only allows for enhanced jump potential but also facilitates easy recovery from steep landings.

The rail bevels on all Sky Style SLS shapes, providing greater clearance in the surf and enabling riders to carve tighter. The streamlined bottom contours, achieved by tapering the bevels towards the nose and tail. Improve overall glide performance and facilitate easier board release during pumping.

Duotone Sky Style SLS Sizes:

  • Volume 4’5″45 L / Width 21.8″ / 55.3 CM / Lenght 4’5″ / 134 CM
  • Volume 4’7″ 55L / Width 22.5″ / 57 CM / Lenght 4’7″ / 139 CM
  • Volume 4’9″ 65L / Width 23’3″/ 59 CM / Lenght 4’9″ / 144 CM
  • Volume 4’11” 75L / Width 24″ / 61 CM / Lenght 4’11” / 149 CM
  • Volume 5’1″ 85L / Width 24’7″ / 62 CM / Lenght 5’1″ / 155 CM

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4'5'', 4'7", 4'9", 4'11", 5'1"




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