Duotone Sky Style Board


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Duotone Sky Style Board


Discover the Sky Style: the ultimate choice for ambitious wingers seeking an unparalleled experience beyond conventional cruising!

The Sky Style represents the pinnacle of wing foiling progression. Our dedicated research and development team has meticulously enhanced the previous Sky Style lineup. Now presenting the 4’11” and 5’1” models with our cutting-edge Vacuum Sandwich technology.

Distinguished by its heightened rocker compared to the Sky Free, the Sky Style models deliver incredibly responsive and instinctive reactions.

The extended nose provides ample space for optimizing jump take-offs, while the increased volume ensures easy recovery. Even during nose-first landings. The ingeniously recessed deck of the Sky Style guarantees a balanced ride during starts and when utilizing volumes tailored to your body weight.

Innovative rail bevels integrated into the new Sky Style shapes facilitate enhanced clearance during sharp turns on the wave face. Also empowering seamless pumping with an effortless release from the water. More parallel bottom contours across the mid-section fosters superior glide performance. Accelerating take-offs, minimizing drag during landings, and swiftly resurfacing for continuous exhilarating rides.

Duotone Sky Style Board Sizes:

  • 4’11” 57 L / 61 x 149 CM
  • 5’1″ 85 L / 62.7 x 155 CM

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4'11", 5'1"




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