Duotone Foil Set Complete Al Aero Free SLS


Duotone Wings and wing foils now available at Infinity Sport Kitesurfing shop with 5% discount and free of charge shipping!!!

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Duotone Foil Set Complete Al Aero Free SLS

Wing / Pump

For all beginners between 80kg and 100kg we’re offering this entry friendly Aero Free 2000 set. With higher speed and manoeuvrability vs the Aero Lift set, this foil is amongst the favorite for mid to heavy weight learners.

  • Beginner 75/76-2000/300

Front wing 2000

Stabilizer 300

Fuselage 76

Mast 75

Duotone Foil Set Complete

This one is for the big boys needing a light wind wing able to get them flying with minimum effort. Best suited to riders over 80kgs as a light wind wing, or of course any beginner wanting to get into the sport. The 2000 Free also works well to learn pumping off the dock.

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