Why The Superior Eleveight RS+ Is So Special?

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Why the superior Eleveight RS+ is so special? It has arrived in the UK at Infinity Sport Kitesurfing Shop ready to test!
Eleveight’s lightest, and the most innovative kite yet, the RS+ is packed with new technology for the ambitious rider demanding a true top-performance product. Our local riders are already scraping the sky with the RS+ V1

Here is why the kite performs incredibly well:
The  features:

1. Precision three-strut delta-hybrid freeride kite with an ultra direct feel
2. Superior, more durable construction with new lightweight Dynea Tex material
3. Easy handling with powerful lift and massive hang time
4. Ultra-stable light construction efficient in any condition
5. Stiffer frame for optimum response
6. The lightest kite on the bar.

Introduction to RS+ Kite
The RS+ is a kite designed for those already addicted to the RS, offering a new premium high-performance freeride experience.

Dynea Tex Material
The innovative Dynea Tex material used in the RS+ is 30% lighter than traditional Dacron and other normal materials used in inflatable kites. It outperforms regular Dacron with a higher tear and tensile strength up to 32 times stronger, providing long-term performance.

XT Light Strut Material
The new XT Light strut material has been designed to reduce weight further while providing the right amount of stiffness for the frame structure. It supercharges the responsiveness of the kite, resulting in less deformation and more direct and precise flying characteristics.

Upgrade your session to VIP with the RS+ for an exceptional advancement in freeride potential. This is the kite to practise your first kiteloop!

Book your free DEMO today to feel the difference.

Looking to speak to kitesurfers who fly the RS+? No problem Sylwia and Lukasz are ready to answer any questions.

Why the superior Eleveight RS+ is so special?

Sylwia says : no more elbow problems! Since I ride the Eleveight RS+ the kitesurfer elbow never appeared again. Light bar pressure, fast turnings, easy power production this is what I love about the kite!

Lukasz says: if you want to learn kiteloops then go for it! The best and reliable kite on the market.

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