Surflogic Key lock pro


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Surflogic Key lock pro provide security, convenience, durability and versatility. They prevent unauthorized entry and provide physical barrier. Easy to use and available in different styles, they offer a combination of features to secure homes, offices, or properties. They are a reliable security solution with proper maintenance.


It is a safe padlock resistant all-metal construction. Easy to secure anywhere, you can attach it to your car, your vehicle, your roof-rack, wheels or trailer.

  • Safe padlock resistant all-metal construction
  • Easy to secure anywhere attach to your vehicle, your roof-rack, wheels or trailer
  • 4 digit combination with Pro System Combination
  • Foam backing to protect car surface
  • Portable and compact, keep it in the glove box of your car
  • Able to fit all size keys

Recommended for

Surfing, SUP, Windsurf, Kitesurfing, Skubadiving, Kayak, Canyoning, Wakeboarding and any other outdoor sports.

Surflogic Key Lock Pro Size (exterior):

  • Width: 78 mm / 3″
  • Length: 195 mm / 7.67″
  • Height: 40 mm / 1.57″
  • Weight 685 g

Internal compartment size

  • Width: 72 mm / 2.83″
  • Length: 115 mm / 4.45

Car key safety is a crucial aspect of vehicle security. Here are some tips to keep your car keys safe:

  1. Keep your keys hidden: Don’t leave your keys visible in plain sight, especially near doors or windows. This can make it easier for thieves to break in and steal your car.
  2. Use a key safe: If you need to leave your keys outside, use a key safe that is secured to a fixed object, such as a fence or wall. This will prevent thieves from stealing your keys and your car.
  3. Don’t leave your car running: If you need to leave your car for a short period, never leave the engine running and the keys in the ignition. This makes it very easy for thieves to steal your car.
  4. Pay for car park:)

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