Safe Start – Kitesurfing Session Assistance


Hire ‘Safe Start’ kitesurfing assistance for your session from Jeremiasz Kuczma of Eleveight Kites.

£35 per hour



Who is ‘Safe Start’ assistance for?

Infinity Sport Kitesurfing’s Safe Start session assistance is perfect for those who have complete kitesurfing lessons and would consider themselves an independent kitesurfer, but are still unsure about getting out on the water on their own.

What is ‘Safe Start’ assistance?

When you purchase Safe Start you will receive assistance at the beach from the super talented Jeremiasz Kuczma of Eleveight Kites.

This will help you with:

  • assessing the conditions
  • water confidence
  • recovering your board
  • launching, landing and re-launching

Where can i hire is ‘Safe Start’ assistance?

We offer Safe Start assistance for kitesurfing at Greatstone Beach, Kent.

Who is Jeremiasz Kuczma?

13 year old Jeremiasz Kuczma is an accomplished young kitesurfer, competitive swimmer and team rider for Eleveight Kites. He recently attended the World Class Academy of Kitesurfing for a semester in Brazil through a scholarship.

World Class Kiteboard Academy is an accredited private high school that combines academics, athletics, travel, and cultural immersion with the sport of kiteboarding. It is a school that recognizes that learning and passion must go hand in hand. It is a school that pushes alternative education to new heights with a firm belief that quality education comes from interacting with the world around us.

WCKA is a school for students who are motivated to learn beyond the traditional classroom and for students who want kiteboarding to take them to new boundaries of discovery.

See Jeremiasz’s rider profile on Eleveight Kites here.

Jeremiasz Kuczma Profile

Jeremiasz is a 13 years old boy with big passion for kitesurfing. His journey with the sport started at age of 8 and soon he realised that kitesurfing is more than just a type of sport for him.

For three years he was participating evenly in two very physical sports swimming and kitesurfing. In this time he managed to accomplish so much in both disciplines, with of course a lot of sacrifice in his social life.

Jeremiasz is a great swimmer, breast stroke and butterfly are his core styles. He has won many medals, set club records to eventually get qualified to county competition, where he settled himself at the 5th place in 200m breast stroke. Intensive training and hard work paid off when Jeremiasz was selected to join the Olympic Program in Swimming.

Being so active in both sports Jeremiasz realised that he felt very lonely in swimming and that he compete with himself all the time, more so he could not find the adrenaline in the pool anymore. Jeremiasz gave up swimming and decided to focus only on kitesurfing.

Years and seasons go by and his passion grows and talent spikes through the roof. Sport brands started to recognise his skills and the Eleveight Kites brand offers Jeremiasz sponsorship!

Jeremiasz has now received a scholarship into the World Class Academy of Kiteboarding to pursue the sport.

His dream is to show, teach and introduce young people to the sport. He wants to see the beach full of his friends playing and being together. Jeremiasz goal is to inspire others, to live active life.

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