SABFOIL KIT M106 – W670 – S400 – FKR604





The pinnacle of Sabfoil Racing Division. The K106670400 is specifically designed and built for racing.

K106670400 is IKA registered 2020/2024, thus every single component of the kit goes through two different quality and measurement checks to ensure that each foil has the same performance.

Every part of this foil is designed to reduce drag and to provide the best hydrodynamic performances. Each detail is precisely tuned to maximize the ratio speed/angle, while avoiding ventilation.

The use of high modulus carbon has been optimized both by virtual prototyping and physical tests to have a foil with maximum stiffness and torsional strength and minimum elongation.

The W670/S400 combo ensures high speedssuperior stability and control at the same time.

  • IKA Registered 2020/2024


Dimensions & Advanced specs
Mast Height 1060 mm
Front Wing Span 670 mm
Front Wing Root Chord 115 mm
Front Wing Aspect Ratio 7.8
Front Wing Surface 570 cm2
Stabilizer Span 400 mm
Stabilizer Root Chord 64 mm
Stabilizer Aspect Ratio 7.73
Stabilizer Surface 207 cm2
Board Connection Tuttle
Fuselage Length 603,6 mm



Mast 106 cm – Tuttle FORMULA KITE IKA x 1M106
Front Wing 670 – 570 cm2 FORMULA KITE IKA x 1W670
Stabilizer 400 – 207 cm2 FORMULA KITE IKA x 1S400
Fuselage 604 – FORMULA KITE IKA x 1FKR604
Hardware Kit W558/W670 x 1MH117
Hardware Kit FKR604 x 1MH127
Hardware Kit S330Y/370/376/399/400 x 1MH107
Grease x 1
Instruction x 1


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