Flight Attendant Front Wing V3


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Flight attendant Front wing

The Front Wing is a component of FLIGHTATTENDANT 2 which has been designed with ease of use in mind.


FlightAttendant foils are easy to ride all-rounders. The easy takeoff, stiffness, ventilation resistance, and mid-aspect platform make this a foil that can be used by any rider in almost all conditions.

New design features are made in an effort to increase turning, glide, and most of all predictability. Increased predictability helps you advance your riding from learning on flat water, through to massive jumps and fully ventilated turns.

The profile, outline, twist and taper have been developed in order to allow for great stability, efficiency, easy take off at low speed, and superior maneuverability. All while allowing for impressive performance over a very wide range of speeds.

The curved wingtips keep ventilation from moving up when getting close to the surface, making the FlightAttendant extremely forgiving.

The front wing and stabilizer perfectly complement each other, allowing for a short fuselage that results in a foil that is amazingly stable, and very easy to maneuver.

The outline and perfectly tuned wing and stabilizer will amaze you when effortlessly pumping from one wave to the next.


Flight attendant FRONT WING SIZES


The 780 is made for riding with a lot of power, at high speed, and works for lighter riders as well.

Made for wave riding and wing freestyle at an intermediate to advanced level, or a kite foiler of any level. This wing can be pushed super hard while remaining predictable and the easy takeoff and fast jump recovery is perfect for freestyle tricks.

Good for tow foiling, high-wind wingfoiling, kiteboarding, wakeboarding, and anything else where you have a lot of power and speed.

  • Surface: 780cm²
  • Wingspan: 67cm
  • Aspect Ratio: 5.75


Extremely versatile allround foil. Suitable for most riders. The 980 is a blast to play around with in the surf, with more glide than the 780 while staying fast and predictable. The go-to foil for many of our riders because it handles basically everything.

Surface: 980cm²
Wingspan: 80cm
Aspect Ratio: 6.5


Taking off on this 1280 is a breeze. A stable, forgiving platform while allowing for great top speed and turning. This could be your only wing for all conditions.

Ideal for smaller waves surf-foiling, and wingfoiling on 70L+ boards. Fast for its size with great glide and pump. The Go-to foil for 60-90kg wing riders.

Surface: 1280cm²
Wingspan: 85cm
Aspect Ratio: 5.6


Feels smaller than the area would suggest. The glide is great, turning smooth, and it’s surprisingly fast!

A little higher aspect, the 1480 is our fastest wing for its size. Good in low wind, with really nice glide.

Targeted for downwind winging, it pumps really well, pops up super early and is very forgiving when breaching out.

Perfect light-wind foil for advanced riders, or intermediates that are ready for lots of progression.

Surface: 1480cm²
Wingspan: 95cm
Aspect Ratio: 6


This thing is a beast! With incredible low-end lift, it takes very little energy to keep staying up. Awesome for beginners and bigger riders, allowing you to easily practice new maneuvers at low speeds with maneuverability like no other big wing!

Surface: 1880cm²
Wingspan: 105cm
Aspect Ratio: 5.9

FOR MORE ABOUT Flight attendant Front wing PLEASE CONTACT https://infinitysportkitesurfing.com/contact-me/

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780, 980, 1280, 1480, 1880


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