Ocean Rodeo Stick Shift 3.0

Backline trim’s new standard.

Ocean Rodeo bar is suitable for all riding styles.

Is particularly popular amongst wave riders and freeriders.

Entering its 4th year in production, and fast becoming the future standard of kite control.

The Shift has a backline trim that provides reliable and seamless power adjustment.

All within easy reach, and without having to take your eyes off the water.

Further new refinements include a reduced diameter grip, resulting in a more direct and tactile feel between the kite and bar.

The diamond grip texture has also been refined. Making it less aggressive on the hands while still delivering exceptional grip for all riding styles.

Other new features include crank stops at the tips of both bar floats, and further refined gearing in the pawl winder assembly for precision trim control every time.

The Ocean Rodeo Stick Shift bar outfits with the new Gen 9 Punch Out Trim Loop and freeride Leash.

The new trim loop and leash are loaded with exciting new features to enhance your ride while delivering reliable release and depower flag out.

Ocean Rodeo Stick Shift PUNCH OUT SAFETY


The Gen 9 Trim Loop sets a new standard in ease of use, security, and is loaded with exciting new features to enhance your ride while delivering reliable release and depower flag out.

The new trim loop has been made significantly smaller allowing the trim to be comfortably within reach, without sacrificing the throw length.

  • Bar Length: 52 cm
  • Line Length: 22 m

While the company has grown significantly.

From the early days of 2001, its commitment to performance, breakthrough innovation and safety has never wavered.

Over 20 years later, Richard and Ross are still fully immersed in the design and development of all Ocean Rodeo products. Now have overseen the huge growth of the Ocean Rodeo brand.

With our recent partnership with ALUULA composites, Ocean Rodeo remains consistently at the forefront of technical and material innovation. Continuing to break barriers in light kite and wing technology.


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