The Moloko Hybrid C+ 3 piece paddle is a lightweight and durable yet affordable paddle that delivers a feel and paddle stroke on a par with more expensive counterparts.

Weighing just 890 grams, the Moloko Hybrid C+ 3 Piece is an evolution of the Moloko Hybrid 3 Piece Paddle that incorporates carbon into 25% of the shaft material to give a stiffer and more direct feel.

Moloko Hybrid C+ 3 Piece Paddle – Measures:

  • Blade Width – 7.5″ inches / 19 cm
  • Blade Area – 85″ inch sq / 548 cm sq
  • Length – 166 – 210 cm
  • Weight – 890 grams
  • Blade Material – Nylon Blade
  • Shaft Material – Composite

The handle on the Hybrid C+ is textured and fits comfortably in the palm of your hand while paddling. Adjustment of the paddle’s length whether on the water or stationary is easy thanks to the anti-twist channel. The Hybrid composite carbon glass fibre shaft of this Moloko paddle is lightweight and features a smooth finish that is very comfortable when in hand. The blade of the Moloko Hybrid C+ is the proven hard-wearing nylon paddle blade that features the recessed moulded V ensuring a solid catch phase of the paddle stroke.

If it is your first SUP paddle or one that a range of paddles can use, whether big or small, then the Moloko Hybrid C+ 3 Piece Paddle is a great option.


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