Moloko Hybrid 3 piece paddle


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The Moloko Hybrid 3 piece paddle is a lightweight and durable SUP paddle that is rewarding to paddle with.

Weighing in at 905g, the Moloko 3 Piece Hybrid Paddle is rich with features to ensure every paddle stroke is on point during your SUP session.

The comfortable textured handle sits securely in the palm of your hand when paddling, while the anti-twist channel ensures it is fast and easy to adjust the overall length of the paddle without any fuss. The Hybrid composite glass fibre shaft of the paddle is lightweight and provides excellent levels of grip due to its shark skin finish. The Moloko Hybrid’s paddle blade at 85″ overall is exceptionally durable and rewards with a solid catch due to the recessed V moulded into the blade.

Whether your first SUP paddle or one that all of the family can use, then the Moloko Hybrid 3 Piece Paddle is an excellent option.

Moloko  3 Piece Paddle – Measures:

  • Blade Width – 7.5″ inches / 19 cm
  • Blade Area – 85″ inch sq / 548 cm sq
  • Length – 166 – 210 cm
  • Weight – 905 g
  • Blade Material – Nylon Blade
  • Shaft Material – Composite


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