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The Moloko 10’6″ Alto is a superb all-rounder that performs with ease on flat water and yet remains stable in choppy conditions due to its 32″ width and overall outline. Designed to inspire confidence underfoot when paddling and encourage easy progression, the 10’6″ Alto is an inflatable paddleboard that works for a broad range of paddlers weighing up to 105kgs.

Features such a multiple carry handles, an adjustable bungee to secure a variety of items as well as an overall clean and modern aesthetic, the Moloko 10’6″ Alto looks as good as it paddles. Taking a recommended pressure of 18 – 20PSI, the Moloko 10’6″ Alto remains very rigid too.

Moloko 10’6″ Alto – Comes with:

  • Moloko Echo iSUP Wheeled Back Pack Board Bag – Made From Recycled Plastic Bottles
  • Moloko Hybrid 3 Piece Paddle
  • Moloko Dual Action Pump
  • Moloko Coiled Leash
  • Water Resistant Phone Case
  • 3 Year Warranty on all Moloko Inflatable Paddleboards

Moloko 10’6″ Alto – Measures:

Length Width Thickness Volume Weight
10’6″ / 323 cm 32″ / 81 cm 4.75″ / 12 cm 240 L 21.6 lbs / 9.8 kg

Moloko 10’6″ Alto Package when Packed with the Dual Action Pump & Hybrid 3 Piece Paddle – Measures:

Tall Width Depth Weight
35.4″ / 90 cm 19.7″ / 50 cm 13.8″ / 35 cm 32.4 lbs / 14.7 kg

Each Moloko 10’6″ Alto comes with the Moloko Echo iSUP Board Bag that features not only wheels and numerous carry handles for ease of transport but also a backpack system for when trying to access those remote paddle spots. The Echo iSUP Board Bag is also extremely robust; made from recycled plastic bottles, this board bag is as hard wearing as it is good for the planet.

The Moloko 10’6″ Alto also includes the excellent Moloko Hybrid 3 Piece Paddle. This Hybrid Paddle is well matched to the Alto not only in looks but also in performance as it is relatively light (905g) with a paddle blade that is stiffer and designed to reduce flutter by offering a more secure catch when paddling.

If you are wanting an all-rounder that does it all at a quality that belies its price point, then the Moloko 10’6″ Alto inflatable stand up paddleboard package is an excellent choice.


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