Kite Hydrofoiling lessons are now on the agenda! get the skills today.


Kite Hydrofoiling lessons are now part of Infinity Sport Kitesurfing School teaching schedule.

Learn how to kite foil to join the cool looking riders hovering above the water. Yes! Thats it! This is also called magic carpet skills.

Kite hydrofoiling requires a significant amount of skills and practice. As well as proper equipment, conditions and definitely safe environment.

This sport has grown in popularity in recent years and is considered as extreme sport due to high speeds and the tricks can be performed.

Kite Hydrofoiling lessons taking place only at deep water in Greatstone on Sea. For the duration of your kite foiling lesson you will be supported by the safety boat to provide maximum safety and the best practice conditions.

If you are interested in kite hydrofoiling we recommend to start with kiteboarding lessons  to get your kite, board and safety skills.

Once you have the minimum skills, book the kite foiling lessons to learn:

Hydrofoil setup

Bodydragging with hydrofoil

First board starts

All kite lessons taking place at Greatstone on Sea beach, which is the best place to learn kitesurfing disciplines.

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