KEVPRO Twintip 2023


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KEVPRO Twintip 2023

Take yourself to new heights

Introducing KevPro Twintip 2023: The Ultimate High-Speed Board for Thrill Seekers

Experience the adrenaline rush like never before with KevPro, the board specifically tuned for high-speed riding. When fully loaded and thundering towards a kicker, this board stores immense amounts of energy, eagerly waiting to be unleashed the moment you push that edge into your take-off.

Enhanced Responsiveness and Liveliness

To take your riding to the next level, we’ve incorporated an additional carbon stringer on the board’s underside. This innovation results in an even quicker response when the board is fully powered up. Get ready for a snappier and more lively ride beneath your feet, as KevPro propels you to new heights.

Comfort and Stability at High Speeds

We understand that what goes up must come down, and the last thing you want is a knee breaker. That’s why we’ve ensured that KevPro Twintip 2023 delivers exceptional comfort during high-speed landings. Moreover, its progressive flex guarantees a smooth and comfortable experience even in choppy conditions, providing optimal performance in real-world riding scenarios.

Redesigned Double Swallow Tips for Enhanced Grip

Our latest update includes redesigned double swallow tips, specifically engineered to allow for a full rail experience while reducing surface area. By pushing the board further into the water, you gain superior grip when loading up for jumps. Take control and unleash your aerial maneuvers with confidence, knowing that KevPro has your back.

Don’t miss out on the thrilling experience that KevPro offers. Explore new heights, conquer high speeds, and dominate every jump with this revolutionary board. Upgrade your riding game today with KevPro!

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