How to Kiteloop lesson is now available to book! 


How to kiteloop. This is the trick every kitesurfer dream of doing.

Every type of loop gives extra boost to your session. Why? Because ability of doing a simple kiteloop opens many new doors in kitesurifng journey. Starting from downloop called also a underloop, through heli loop to kiteloop. Followed with mega, double, contra loop or the most tricky one s loop.

Every kiteloop is visually impressive trick that can be a lot of fun to perform and watch. Whether you are looking to compete or simply have fun on the water. Learning how to loop can be rewarding experience.

Start learning how to downloop for stylish transitions. Once you got it, book your next lesson to learn heli loops to gain hangtime and breath taking landings.

What will you learn depends on type of kiteloop you wish to start to perform. However in general this is what’s included:

Control bar stimulations

Generating and understanding power while looping

Looping practice

Minimum entry for the kiteloop lesson are

  • confident jumps
  • landings.

Kiteloop lesson is delivered in one to one ratio to maximise performance and  to speed the learning process.

Kitesurfing is extreme sport.Your learning journey should be supervised by qualified instructor to mitigate the risk of injuries, arranged at the most suitable conditions to provide safe and fun enviroment.

Greatstone on Sea beach is the most kitesurfer friendly kitespot in the UK. Flat water in the huge bay serves the superior conditions.


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