Flight Attendant Mast V3


Disciplines KITE & WING

“This mast is very stiff, faster than most other aluminum masts, and we can’t get it to spin out!“

Kane de Wilde

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Flight Attendant Mast V3


Flight Attendant foils are easy to ride all-rounders.

  • The easy takeoff
  • stiffness
  • ventilation resistance
  • mid-aspect

New Flight Attendant Mast  design features are made in an effort to increase turning, glide, and most of all predictability.

Kevin Langeree and Damien Girardin fuse their talents to launch Reedin kites

At Reedin we want to fly faster, jump higher, and redefine all the possibilities of kiting’

After years of riding, designing, and developing an even deeper passion for kiteboarding, Damien Girardin and Kevin Langeree have fused their talents to build Reedin—a kite brand that aims to create an incomparable riding experience and inspires riders to enjoy every session.

Their passion for kiteboarding and product design has propelled the journey to develop the “perfect kite gear” that appeals to all riders. Reedin aspires to give riders a unique kiteboarding experience that redefines the sport, pushing them to relish every session.

FOR MORE ABOUT FLIGHT ATTENDANT MAST V3 PLEASE CONTACT https://infinitysportkitesurfing.com/contact-me/



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