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The new WFS echoes the excitement for this new sport and takes beginners through to experts with its unique versatility suited to all riding styles and levels. Aerodynamically engineered for efficiency, the well balanced V-shape of the wing ensures the tips won’t touch the water nor drag you down.

New for V2 is the addition of the CS Wing bar, the perfect cockpit for a comfortable and direct ride. The intuitive hand position will now limit fatigue and extend your session time. The bar also offers greater stability and better power control for foiling in all conditions.

The WFS has a high volume leading edge that supplies a stiff frame and optimum canopy tension, yet the whole construction is extremely light and ultra-durable thanks to the use of superior materials. You’ll find the WFS is stable with easy upwind ability, as well as offers outstanding downwind drift. Ride waves undisturbed with single or even freehand control for that ultimate surf feeling, and spot the next in the line up through the window panel which ensures an unobstructed view. All you need to do is fasten the included wrist leash, sheet in the sail, and start riding. V2 is the result of continued and extensive research and development, together with rigid testing. As a result, the wing has trusted build quality, covers a tremendous wind range and has exceptional low wind performance.

The WFS is performance engineered for the needs of wing riders looking to take the sport to the next level.

Exceptional aerodynamics and performance for all riding styles, with easy handling that will give you maximum water time in any condition.

  • One strut performance freeride wing
  • Suitable for all riding levels and disciplines
  • Rigid frame geometry for direct handling and direct power
  • Lightweight with very neutral drift and easy depower
  • CS Wing Bar for intuitive hand positioning and easy handling

Eleveight gear is built with innovative and quality workmanship.
Details are strategically designed for long lasting durability, while keeping the gear
light and agile.



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