Eleveight RS V7




Eleveight RS V7

Introducing our best-selling kite, the RS, renowned for its exceptional freeride versatility and unmatched performance. This cutting-edge kite pushes boundaries and surpasses expectations, making it a favorite among kite enthusiasts worldwide.

With a host of impressive features, the RS is engineered to conquer any storm, achieve mind-blowing heights, and dominate any kite spot. Its latest version, Version 7, boasts enhanced efficiency and improved low-end performance thanks to a meticulously revised profile. The aerodynamic delta-hybrid design takes the RS to new heights, allowing just two kites to cover the entire wind range.

Crafted with a medium to high aspect ratio and a generous angle-of-attack, the RS delivers unparalleled grunt and power. The load distribution remains reliable and consistent over time, ensuring longevity and durability. The three-strut frame structure provides exceptional canopy support, offering stability that caters to riders of all skill levels.

Experience the ultimate connection with the RS as it offers seamless power generation and effortless turning initiation. Its ultra-direct feel enables responsive and precise control, while its impressive speed and agility unlock limitless riding potential.

Unleash your full potential with the RS kite, as it offers dynamic speed, unrivaled hangtime, and an exhilarating forward momentum. Whether you’re chasing waves or performing freestyle tricks, the RS guarantees high-performance and effortless upwind travel, regardless of gusty winds or choppy waters.

Unleash the power of the RS, the ultimate all-round powerhouse that ignites the stoke within freeriders in a matter of seconds.


  • Precision freeride performance that’s versatile for all riding styles
  • Impressive wind range with enhanced low-end capabilities
  • Ultra-stable with a direct feel, efficient in any condition
  • Massive hangtime and easy upwind travel
  • Plug and play with fast, smooth turning characteristics

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