Eleveight GT2+ V2


Lightweight agility and exceptional drift for top wave or freeride action.

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Introducing the Eleveight GT2+ V2, a high-performance wing crafted for the discerning wing foiler in pursuit of lightweight agility and exceptional drift capability.

Available in sizes 3 to 7, this wing is engineered for freeride and wave versatility.

Performance Features:

  • Performance Wave to Freeride Crossover: Seamlessly transitions between wave and freeride action.
  • New Lightweight Full Carbon CS Wing Handles: Enhance handling and responsiveness.
  • Stiffer and Lighter with XTC TEX Material: Achieve optimal stiffness and responsiveness.
  • Intuitive Drift Stability: Ensures natural drift for effortless surfing.
  • Dual Infill Panel: Provides advanced profile support for enhanced efficiency.

The Eleveight GT2+ V2 delivers uncompromising performance for demanding wing foilers, offering lightweight agility and exceptional drift for top wave or freeride action.

Design Vision:

  • Lightweight Crossover Performance: Engineered for ultimate performance in both wave and freeride scenarios.
  • Drift and Efficiency: Innovative dual-infill panel reduces turbulence, promoting natural drift for every wave session.
  • Stiff and Light Frame Construction: Premium XTC TEX material construction ensures a lighter and stiffer frame for enhanced efficiency and responsiveness.
  • New Lightweight Full Carbon CS Handles: Features redesigned ergonomic oval handles for precise torque control and comfort.

Eleveight GT2+ V2 – Key Changes:

  • Deeper Profile: Improves low-end ability and wind range for enhanced performance.
  • More Dihedral Shape with Tip Twist: Facilitates unmatched drift for superior wave riding.
  • Thinner Leading Edge: Reduces drag and enhances upwind riding ability.
  • Revised Dual Infill Panel: Enhances drift stability and profile support.
  • Super Clean Profile and Canopy Tension: Optimized for increased efficiency and direct control.

Who is it for?

The GT2+ is tailored for ambitious freeriders and wave seekers seeking top-tier wing capabilities.

Experience the Eleveight GT2+ V2 and elevate your wing foiling adventures today!

Available at Infinity Sport Shop, your authorized Eleveight dealer.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for personalized assistance—we’re here to help you find the perfect wing!

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