Duotone Ventis


2024 light wind Wing

3-strut design and unique wing tips for maximum lift, power & efficiency

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Experience effortless freeriding in light winds with the 2024 Duotone Ventis. It is designed for improved power delivery and upwind performance compared to its predecessor.

The innovative 3-strut design and unique wing tips provide maximum lift, power, and efficiency. It enables easy foil takeoff without strenuous pumping.

With larger sizes, the Ventis caters to riders of all sizes and experience levels, turning light wind conditions into a playground for progression.

The Ventis incorporates a lightweight 50g ripstop canopy for efficient performance in marginal conditions.

Its focused design prioritizes lift and stability, ensuring consistent profile depth and canopy tension for smooth, stable power delivery. The refined profile shape and tip twist enhance low-end performance and upwind ability while providing a smoother ride through gusts.

The Duotone Ventis is available in 2 sizes & 2 vibrant colour combinations:

  • 7.0m² & 8.0m²
  • Light-Grey/Yellow & Dark-Grey/Blue

Key Improvements:

  • Increased power
  • Enhanced upwind ability
  • Improved draft stability

Designed by Ken Winner, the Ventis features side struts brought inward for a rigid frame, reducing swing weight and wing tip size.

The ergonomic center strut design with an extended Carbon front handle allows for one-handed riding and comfortable hand positioning, reducing fatigue for longer sessions.

Upgrade your light wind Wing Foil experience with the 2024 Duotone Ventis and unleash your progression potential.

Available now at Infinity Sport Shop, your authorized Duotone Dealer.


2024 Duotone Ventis

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Light-Grey/Yellow, Dark-Grey/Blue


7, 8




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