DUOTONE Front Wing Whizz SLS


Playful and responsive, efficient pumping, robust airfoil, versatile sizes for wing foiling, kite foiling, pump foiling.

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The DUOTONE Front Wing Whizz SLS excels in wing foiling, kite foiling, and pump foiling.

With a mid-aspect ratio of 8.5, it balances efficient pumping with maneuverability.

Its straight outline and zero sweep maximize the lift-to-drag ratio, boosting pumping efficiency.

Furthermore, the progressive dihedral shape gives the Whizz SLS a playful and responsive feel.

The robust airfoil design, similar to the Glide 2145 pump wing, delays stall and allows low-speed wave exits while maintaining effective pumping.

Each Whizz SLS size features adjusted thickness and camber, ensuring a broad speed range and powerful lift at slow speeds.

This range includes sizes 850, 1000, 1200, and 1450.

Key Features:

  • Playful and Responsive: Progressive dihedral shape for enhanced maneuverability.
  • Efficient Pumping: Straight outline with zero sweep for maximum lift-to-drag ratio.
  • Robust Airfoil Design: Delays stall and maintains pumping at low speeds.
  • Versatile Sizes: Smaller sizes for advanced surf foiling; larger sizes for beginners or heavier riders.

Sizes and Specs:

Surface: 850 cm / 131.8 in²

  • Span: 86.0 cm / 34.0 in
  • Aspect Ratio: 8.7
  • Recommended Stabilizer: S 165
  • Screw Holes: M8x30 (x3)
  • Recommended Torque: 15 NM

Surface: 1000 cm / 155.0 in²

  • Span: 92.0 cm / 36.4 in
  • Aspect Ratio: 8.5
  • Recommended Stabilizer: S 185
  • Screw Holes: M8x30 (x3)
  • Recommended Torque: 15 NM

Surface: 1200 cm / 186.0 in²

  • Span: 99.0 cm / 39.1 in
  • Aspect Ratio: 8.2
  • Recommended Stabilizer: S 210
  • Screw Holes: M8x30 (x3)
  • Recommended Torque: 15 NM

Surface: 1450 cm / 224.8 in²

  • Span: 107.0 cm / 42.3 in
  • Aspect Ratio: 7.9
  • Recommended Stabilizer: S 210
  • Screw Holes: M8x30 (x3)
  • Recommended Torque: 15 NM

For optimal performance, pair the Whizz front wing with the 66 cm Alu fuselage, or choose the 60 cm for playfulness or the 74 cm for control.

The DUOTONE Front Wing Whizz SLS is available at Infinity Sport Shop your authorized Duotone dealer.

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