Dock Start & Pump Foiling

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The DUOTONE Foil Wing Set AMP SLS delivers unmatched pumping efficiency. Perfectly paired with the new Strider SLS Pump Board, the AMP SLS pushes you to achieve personal bests in dock start and pump foiling.

Inspired by the entry-friendly Glide 2145, the AMP SLS maintains the same 143cm span but boasts a higher aspect ratio, shorter chord length, and a thinner profile. This design reduces drag and enhances performance and pumping speed.

With a 1750cm2 surface area, it’s easy for intermediate and experienced pump foilers to get off the dock.

The AMP SLS covers more distance in the same amount of time compared to the 2145.

The new highly efficient Stabilizer H185 improves projection, glide efficiency, and energy consumption. This makes the AMP SLS ideal for improving pumping technique, endurance, and covering more distance. It also suits those learning the basics of paddling up for SUP Downwinders and heavier riders in small, slow-moving bumps.

Key Features:

  • Easy and Forgiving: Ideal for intermediate pump foilers.
  • Great Balance: Optimizes pumping speed and energy consumption.
  • Light and Strong: Carbon layup offers excellent weight, stiffness, and strength.
  • High Aspect Ratio: Aspect ratio of 11.7 with reduced chord length and thickness.
  • Special Stabilizer: High aspect Stabilizer H for enhanced pumping efficiency.
  • Compatible: Works with Duotone Aero AL, AL 3BS, and Fanatic Carbon and AL Fuselages.

Surface (cm²/in²): 1750 / 271.3

  • Span (cm/in): 143.3 / 56.4
  • Aspect Ratio: 11.7
  • Recommended Stabilizer: H185
  • Screw Hole 1 (Carbon FL/Aluminum FL): M8x30
  • Screw Hole 2: M8x30
  • Screw Hole 3 (Closest to Mast): M8x30
  • Recommended Torque: 15 Nm

Feel free to contact us to help you find the perfect foil. We’re here to help and would be delighted to assist you!

The DUOTONE Foil Wing Set AMP SLS is available at Infinity Sport Shop, your authorized Duotone dealer.

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