DUOTONE Back Wing Stabilizer S


Perfect for various foiling activities.

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The DUOTONE Back Wing Stabilizer S elevates your kite foiling, wing foiling and pump foiling experiences.

Its innovative outline, featuring minimal sweep and a slight dihedral angle, delivers a fun and loose feel.

The unique profile, different from P or C stabs, enhances the setup’s pumping efficiency while maintaining playfulness.

This stabilizer pairs perfectly with the new Whizz SLS front wings.

Key Features:

  • Playful and Loose: Enjoy playful and loose turning behavior.
  • Loose Turning: Slight dihedral angle offers fun and loose turning.
  • Great for Pumping: Excellent pumping ability with low stall speed.
  • Innovative Outline: Minimal sweep enhances pumping efficiency.
  • Special Profile: Designed for maximum projection when pumping and low stall speed.

The DUOTONE Back Wing Stabilizer S is available at Infinity Sport Shop your authorized Duotone dealer.

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