DUOTONE Back Wing Stabilizer H


Perfect for pump foiling and downwind performance.

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The DUOTONE Back Wing Stabilizer H enhances your pump foiling performance.

Its high-efficiency design matches perfectly with glide and pumping-oriented wings. Enjoy improved projection, glide efficiency, and reduced drag.

The Stabilizer H is favored by the Downwind Team and pump foiling enthusiasts aiming to break personal records.

Key Features:

  • Great Balance: Achieve optimal pumping speed with low energy consumption for maximum distance.
  • High Aspect Ratio: Features a straight outline with a high aspect ratio.
  • Optimized Performance: Significantly increased pumping and glide performance.
  • Special Profile: Designed for maximum projection when pumping and low stall speed.

The DUOTONE Back Wing Stabilizer H is available at Infinity Sport Shop your authorized Duotone dealer.

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