Core XR8


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Core XR8

  • High performance freeride
  • Big air


With its ultra-stiff 5-strut frame in a Deltabow shape, this exceptional kite allows you to achieve breathtaking jumps and the longest hang time. Experience an unprecedented level of high ride comfort and control with the XR8’s effortless and forgiving handling.


Explosive jump forces and superior upwind performance guaranteed. Thanks to the significantly stiffer ExoTex 2 material the kite’s entire airframe has been fine-tuned and enables smaller leading edge and strut diameters – making the kite more agile and responsive with better bar feedback


When we say you’ll reach new heights, we mean it – the Core XR8 will take your kiting to extraordinary levels. You’ll find that loops are more efficient with an earlier and smoother catch. The CoreTex 2 canopy is both highly durable and has an extremely low-stretch. These two features work together to give the canopy unparalleled flight stability, power, and control.


Designed to perform and built to last. Crafted with top-notch durability and strength in mind, the materials excel beyond their predecessors and industry standards. ExoTex 2 gives an 80% increase in tear resistance, while CoreTex 2 an impressive 300%. This ensures that the XR8 delivers first-class performance in every session


Enjoy the thrill of big air – with the new Core XR8!


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