Personal Training

Each plan is tailored to your health, ability, actual equipment capacity and your schedule. Regular assessments will keep track of your progress to maximise results and keep motivation at the highest level. 

How is the plan made?

Once you have signed up to the plan, you will receive our Infinity Sport questionnaire to identify your specific details and needs. This is closely followed by an assessment to understand your personal body abilities. A simple food diary will be shared to track nutrition and seek possible improvements.

Once all the details are established, a six week plan is made and delivered within an easy to use mobile app. The mobile app includes a training plan specified in days, repetitions, pace and more. Each exercise is easy to download with a short video or picture for clarity and understanding. You can track your full progress including weight, measurements and pictures for comparison. You will also find nutrition tips and how to form and keep good habits.

And if you need any help, instant messenger is there too!

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