What is kitesurfing?


What actually is kitesurfing?

Kitesurfing is the ultimate thrill ride of the ocean! Imagine being propelled across the water by the power of the kite, slicing thought the waves like superhero.

With a kite in hand and surfboard underfoot, you will be dancing with the wind and riding the waves in style. It`s heart – pumping, adrenaline – fuelled experience that will leave you feeling like on top of the world!

What`s the best way to learn kitesurfing?

The best way to learn is by taking lessons from a certified school. This will ensure you learn proper techniques, safety measures, adequate theory.

By taking lessons with a certified school you are assured to start your adventure in suitable conditions, such as light wind and shallow water to gradually progress and improve.

What`s the best learning syllabus?

To get full experience of kitesurfing is highly recommended to take part if three day course based on the below syllubus.

Very first lesson also known as Day 1 is made of weather and tides theory. Followed with basic kite handling and finally flying a trainer kite on land.

Next step is Day 2  lesson.  For first time the lesson is taking place in the water. Where you will be taught how to setup a kite and safely land and launch the kite in the water. After mastering those skills instructor will demonstrate and teach how to boadydragg in the water.

Day 3 lesson is when the full time fun begins. This time your instructor will take you through a number of exercises leading to the very first board start.

At the end of this lesson you should be attempting your first water starts. 

How many lessons do I need to take to become independent rider?

If you set your mind to it and are lucky to have the right conditions to learn, being supported by instructor from accredited school. Its right what people say! You can learn kitesurfing in few days.

Everyone has different skills set and fitness background, so we say that upwind ride should take about 15 to 20 hours of learning taking into account your fitness level, weather conditions and frequency of the lessons.

What do I need to bring for the kitesurfing lesson?

Always bring with you drinking water. Wear comfortable clothing, which you don’t mind to get dirty during the activities.

For all the water based activities we supply all gear required, we only ask to wear a swim costume underneath the provided wetsuit. If you take lessons during colder months and require neoprene boots, those will need to be purchased at our shop.

Take a look at Jeremiasz  kitesurfing adventures from beautiful Brazil. Jeremiasz was 12 years old here.
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