September 2021

Zandvoort Aan Zee, Holland

Zandvoort aan Zee is one of the 3 best kitesurfing spots in Holland. The Spot is well-known hangout for kite surfers. It offers long sandy beach with small and medium wave. There are no hazards such as (hidden) rocks or other obstacles but do pay attention to the rip currents which can easily be identified …

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Shoebury East Beach, Essex

East Beach is a very popular spot and one of the best places to learn kitesurfing. It offers shallow, calm water and good cross winds. As the tide goes out the water level drops significantly allowing surfers to stand up for 1 mile. At low tide a number of lagoons form between the sandbars which …

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Safe Kitesurfing Lessons For Kids

Day One lesson

Has your child shown an interest in learning to kitesurf? Infinity Sport Kitesurfing provide safe kitesurfing lessons for kids in Kent, UK.

Soma Bay, Egypt

Soma Bay is known for incredible conditions for kitesurfing and is one of the top 3 kite spots of the world. The warm, dry African winds pass through the desert to provide an enjoyable hairdryer type breeze as you cruise over the crystal clear Red Sea. June, July and August are the warmest months when …

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Lake Silvaplana, Switzerland

Silvaplana is considered the surfing Mecca of Switzerland. Here you kiteboard on a deep blue mountain lake, in front of an impressive mountain scenery with snow-covered peaks and surrounded by pristine nature. The lake is 3.4 km long and 1.4 km wide with only one designated entry point, but you are allowed to kite around …

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Tarifa, Spain

Tarifa is the most southern point in Europe, world widely known for having insane winds! If you are hoping to get very consistent wind, this is the place to go. There are loads of different spots that work depending on the wind direction. In Tarifa, you have a Levante that blows from the east and …

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